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A Little About Kimberley

I’m an avid web developer, passionate about code, entrepreneurship and technology.

At my day job, I work on a very diverse set of things, from websites to data analysis. I freelance when I can, mostly building new websites and fixing up existing ones. My favorite platforms are WordPress and SquareSpace.

I create amazing websites for passionate people using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. My latest work has expanded into the modern web landscape of responsive design and mobile first methodologies.

So why turn it into a business? I want to help people with the same drive and passion for the thing they love and turn it into success online. Websites are a dime a dozen – and it’s important that you not only have one, but one that is true to you! People want authenticity, uniqueness, and transparency – and I love to provide it for them through their websites!

My goal is to take the vision you have for your website and spend countless hours designing and coding it until that vision comes to life . I love hearing people say they have a website they now love for their business/company.

I want to make that happen for you! Let me help you create a website that you are proud of and one that helps you succeed in the very thing that gives you joy!

I’m currently available for freelance work, feel free to contact me.

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